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Today’s topic: Cs:go esports news on A huge surprise of this century is the e-Sports scene. In the past gamers were ridiculed. Today they are earning more that sports people and gamers championships have better ratings than old sports. So here are some latest e-sports news.

With headlines like these, it’s tough to deny the popularity, growth, and influence of esports. Now that esports has everyone’s attention, colleges and universities across the country now believe that esports will play a crucial role in their identities. So in addition to developing a formal esports program, most colleges plan to offer highly coveted scholarships as an investment in the growth of their student bodies and programs.

Today, we would like to add four schools to the nation’s growing list of institutions with esports programs, beginning with California State University, Fresno. Here you go. California State University, FresnoCalifornia State University, Fresno, Fresno, California, California State University, Fresno (Fresno State University) has announced the launch of two esports programs for fall 2019. The school says that League of Legends will be the first elite student esports team representing Fresno State in competitions against other campuses. Other console games that will be available for competition include Apex Legends, FIFA 2019, Fortnite, Mario Cat 8, NBA2K 2019, Overwatch, Rocket League, SSBU, and Tekken 7. Read additional info on eSports Interviews.

North America will account for $345 million of this generated revenue, while China will generate $164 million. Global esports viewers will total 380 million in 2018. This can be broken down into 165 million esports enthusiasts and 215 million occasional viewers. In 2017, there were 588 major esports events that generated an estimated $59 million in ticket revenues. The largest prize pool was over $25 million Dota 2 International 2018 holds the record for the largest prize pool in esports history, offering $25,532,177.00 to the winner. The total prize money of all esports events held in 2017 was over $112 million. Smaller esports events are also available and tend to be easier to access and cheaper. You can find out about these through social media groups, gaming conventions and through specific gaming communities.

Drawn into Group C of the four groups in the opening stage, they made light work of their opponents, defeating mantis FPS 2-0 in their opening game and then in the winner’s match, they confirmed top spot in the group with an equally convincing 2-0 win over Mock-It Esports. Those results earned them a seeded spot in the quarterfinals of the Playoffs and it was here that G2 had their first real hiccup of the tournament as they surprisingly lost the opening map to Spacestation Gaming. However, the team bounced back to claim the second two maps 7-3 and 7-5 to win their quarterfinal 2-1 and set up a semi-final with the surprise package of the tournament, Team Reciprocity. Source: