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Excellent gaming accessories in 2023 from BlogSavvy

Excellent gaming accessories in 2023 from BlogSavvy Posted on April 14, 2023

Excellent gaming accessories in 2023 by With CES 2023 over, there are a lot of new gaming gadgets. From flexible curved monitors to new-age webcams and controllers, the latest gaming gear will make 2023 worth looking forward to. We love our gaming gear. Luckily for us—and all you gaming fans reading this—there are a ton of awesome things to come. Keep reading for the best gaming gadgets and gear we expect in 2023. Of course, there are a ton of new releases from Razer, like the Leviathan V2 Pro. This AI soundbar gives you the personalized audio your gaming setup needs. And we truly can’t wait to see how the VIVE XR Elite performs. With high-res passthrough, VR and MR experiences, and 6DoF controllers, it seems like it’ll be pretty awesome. So, if you’re like us and can’t wait to improve your gaming setup this year, check out the list below! Discover additional details at

The detachable microphone is a gem, too. For those used to almost shouting into a headset microphone to make sure your friends could hear you, the Penrose’s microphone sensitivity is a breath of fresh air. The boom arm is highly adjustable, and the Penrose models sound so good it’s easy to forget they’re geared for gaming when you’re using them sans microphone as Bluetooth headphones, listening to magnet-powered renditions of your favorite music. Not only is this a great gaming headset, it could even be a full-on upgrade to your regular headphones. A huge array of strengths—durable design, awesome sound quality for lots of different kinds of content, and intuitive controls—balance well against the Penrose’s only real weakness: all that power drains battery life pretty quickly. These take a few hours to charge, and you only get about 15 hours of use for every full charge. However, if you can get in the habit of charging them nightly, they’re one of the best-sounding gaming headsets around, and worth the high price tag for audiophile gamers.

A mouse mat is just a mouse mat. Right? Wrong. Not all mouse mats are created equal. And while the size of the mat you prefer may differ from what others prefer, you want a decent one. One of the best gaming accessories and the best RGB mouse mat, is the QcK Prism XL from SteelSeries. Since it’s an extended mouse mat, it stretches across your desk and you can fit both your keyboard and mouse on it. This mat in particular also comes with the RGB lighting strip around the edge in a dual section split. Though you don’t have to use the 2-zone coloring and can set it to something else. It uses a microweave cloth material for the top so you’ve got that nice smooth glide for your mouse, and a fairly grippy bottom to make sure the mat doesn’t move around.

This is the headset you want if you’re looking for options at less than $100, which is entry-level for proper gaming headsets. For just $59.99 MSRP you get a competent wireless full surround sound experience, which is light and comfortable for those long day or night sessions. Battery life is good at around 17 hours and it’s no problem to connect via USB. When you are wireless, it uses a 2.4GHz dongle to ensure you don’t get any quality loss, lagging, or other annoying interference because of a poor connection. To change volume just stroke the wheel behind the ear cup. The mic is surprisingly good at this price point, with a 50Hz to 18kHz frequency range, noise cancellation, and a sturdy but responsive boom arm that you can position just the way you like it. Its software is basic, allowing you to turn 7.1 on or off and change volumes. In-play you get good bass if a little on the heavy side. The sound is generally clear and directional – you won’t miss signals in the distance during a heavy gunfight, for example. The best PC gaming headset for the money and perfect as regular computer gaming gear. However, it’s not necessarily something you’d use for a streaming channel or video/podcast production.

Gaming laptops cram a lot of hardware into a small space, and sometimes the built-in cooling system can’t keep up. Thermaltake’s Massive 20 RGB cooling pad adds a 200mm fan, customizable RGB lighting, and built-in feet to prop up your PC. This is a great way to maximize framerates without upgrading your laptop. Not everyone needs to go with a QHD or 4K resolution, especially with a gaming laptop. MSI’s Optix G24C4 is a 24-inch 1080p monitor with a great price and impressive specs. The refresh rate hits 144Hz, it has a 1ms response time, and it has a 1500R curve for easier viewing. It covers well the sRGB and DCI-P3 color gamuts and include DP and HDMI ports.

Acer’s XB253Q GW is a 24.5-inch, 1080p monitor that may seem humble at first glance, but it packs the very best in current monitor technology. This is a cutting-edge competitive gaming monitor with excellent image quality and incredible motion performance. The Acer XB253Q GW has extremely accurate color straight out of the box. It rivals the accuracy of monitors designed for professional work, which is a surprise. Better still, its contrast ratio is as high as you’ll find from a monitor with an IPS panel. It’s an extremely bright monitor, as well, so it’s great for gaming in a bright room and can do some justice to HDR games. This monitor has a super-quick 240 Hz refresh rate that can overclock to 280 Hz. This leads to outrageously smooth performance. It’s great in fast games, but it’s obvious everywhere. Even web pages look clear and crisp in motion. The only monitors that have better motion performance are new models from Asus and Alienware with a 360 Hz refresh rate. However, we don’t think they offer an obvious improvement over the Acer Predator XB253Q GW, and they’re hundreds of dollars more expensive.

Razer’s Huntsman Mini is an outstanding 60% keyboard option for those who want something more compact. It’s available with red switches with 1.2mm actuation distance and 48g actuation force, giving you a leg up over the competition. It’s built well, it features Razer’s customizable Chroma RGB, and it comes in Black or Mercury White colors. A lot of PC games can be played with a controller, and there’s really nothing as good or as seamless to use with Windows as an Xbox Wireless gamepad. It’s easy to connect, it’s comfortable to hold, and it’ll make you forget about your mouse and keyboard. Choose from a bunch of different colors and designs to best suit your style. Discover more information on

The best PC gaming accessories are widely compatible with PC hardware and other devices, especially as we continue into the ‘smart’ era. A lot of accessories can also be used for console gaming and vice versa. On the other hand, cheaper accessories use older USB technology, sometimes aren’t even recognized, and can rarely be synced up to smart devices. High-quality PC accessories are generally better designed, less clunky, and in terms of mice, keyboards, etc, much more comfortable. This is especially important if you plan to spend many hours gaming. There’s nothing worse than hurting your hands because of poorly made gaming products. Let’s face it, lots of us now game stream as well, or are at least interacting with others online. Without something that resembles a pro gaming setup, you’re going to lose some respect.