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Nintendo 64 ROM’s

Nintendo 64 ROM’s Posted on April 14, 2020

Looking for GameCube ROM’s? A precursor to the modern first-person shooter, Duck Hunt didn’t allow you to blast zombies, mutants or even mutant zombies. But lowering the waterfowl population was just as satisfying. Perhaps it was the bundled NES Zapper – one of the finest lightguns we’ve wielded. Or maybe it was the chance to wipe the smirk off of that dog’s face. For a certain generation, football rivalry wasn’t just between Fifa and Pro Evo. It was the pace and banana shots of Kick Off versus the sharp passing game of Sensible Soccer. For our money, Sensi wins: it gave a glimpse at tiki-taka way before Barca made it fashionable.

Have the sticks on the new Nintendo Switch Lite Joy-Con controllers been upgraded? One of the biggest questions with the Nintendo Switch Lite has been whether or not the Joy-Con sticks have been upgraded in any way to address the drift issues. Sticks on the Nintendo Switch are known to suffer from this issue, which causes the sticks to continue to register an action after the sticks are released. After two tear down videos, it appears the Nintendo Switch Lite Controllers are largely unchanged. In one video from YouTube channel Span Wave, it appears the sticks have the same construction and design in the original However, in another video from YouTube channel The Retro Future ( it appears the new Nintendo Switch Lite Joy-Con controllers do have a new design, specifically in the metal casing for the sticks. Hopefully, this is enough to address the drifting issues in the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

From as early as 2004, Atgames has been releasing ‘flashback’ versions of both Sega and Atari hardware. These mini consoles also come pre-loaded with a selection of games, with certain versions of their Sega Genesis/MegaDrive supporting original cartridges. In recent years, we’ve also seen the likes of the Commodore 64 Mini, the Neo Geo Mini and more controversially, the inevitable release of the PlayStation Classic. Discover a few more details on PS2 ROMs.

Doom 2 is everything Doom was but better. Doom 2 has more enemies, bigger levels, and a devastating new weapon, the super shotgun. In case you lived under a bridge in the early to mid 90’s, Doom is a first person shooter where you shoot demons. Sounds simple enough, but it was one of the first of its kind and the gameplay, while very simple (you can’t aim up or down), is endlessly gratifying. Killing demons is just fun, and Doom 2 is the definitive way to do it. Also, the final boss, the towering Icon of Sin, will keep you awake at night. My favorite old school shooter. Duke Nukem 3D is just hardcore. In a time when games were all appealing to be kid-friendly, Duke Nukem 3D just busted down the door to awesome. From witty one-liners to badass weapons, Duke had it all. The greatest part of Duke 3D is just how non-linear it is, it’s great to just explore a level and find things to play around with. Also, blowing up aliens with the rocket launcher produces an endlessly entertaining paste of red goo. The babes loved Duke, and so did we.

Retro-Bit stumbled off the blocks a bit with 2016’s Generations, a much (and deservedly so) maligned attempt to create a foothold in the retro emulation market. Their follow-up seems to have taken the criticism fully onboard, however, with marked improvements in the quality of emulation and a great library. The console itself is a combination of slick and bright and boxy and functional, a vivid white shell slashed with bright red that’s shaped like a brick and lacks contours or much other visual flair. The feature set is a similar mesh of design philosophies; 720p video output as well RCA for connecting to older CRTs, two sturdy, no frills controller with nice ten foot cables, and other solid features matched with a deep, flashy library of 90 games that represent a huge, eclectic swath of 8 and 16 bit classic, including some games that have never been available domestically. Alongside classics like Mega Man and Ghosts N’ Goblins are some lesser known but excellent coin-op titles like Side Arms and Wizard Fire. The Retro-cade is a great addition to any retro collection and a convincing argument for Retro-bit staking out a permanent position in the retro console market. Discover even more details on